Warranty Support Service

With Bigfix’s Warranty Support Service, get the right coverage on all of your devices, technology and IT purchases for your supplies and products, with our warranty options, maintenance services, support and tools.

Warranties might be a difficult subject to handle for an OEM. Any product producer or seller, whether aimed at consumers or businesses, not only sells the physical widgets, but also often provides the buyer with some level of assurance about the product's performance over time. A manufacturer's warranty is what it's known as in the industry.

Your clients rely upon you as an OEM to provide the best after sales support and so, warranty support management plays a key role in customer retention. We here at Bigfix, understand the magnitude of your requirement and provide the best technicians and state of the art technology to provide the necessary support to your customers instantly, protecting your interest and assisting your customer retention and brand value. Signup with us to avail our exciting features.


Our Offering

Device Assessment and QC report generation

Our trained and qualified technicians collect the device and provide an in depth report on the device condition to ensure the best quality support for our clients.

Instant Settlement

Enhance reserving, invoice or estimate validation against the approved amount, loss and expenditure booking, as well as payments and recovery.

Specialized warranty support

Quality assurance/best practices auditing, legal bill review, special investigation unit, complete loss title procurement, salvage and subrogation recovery, vendor management.

Additional warranty support

Warranty support contact center: 24X7 call/chat/email, contract compliance, metrics and measurement, end customer portal, order management, loss run reporting, virtual warranty service assistant, document indexing, and mail processing.

API Support

If maintaining multiple reports on numerous applications is a hassle, our IT team can ensure your smooth sailing through our API solutions which allow applications to handshake and communicate for lead uploading, tracking lead statuses, generating necessary reports and payments.


Our Objective

The need for warranty fulfillment support plays a crucial role in customer retention which is pivotal for small scaled OEMs and insure-tech organizations. We've removed the barriers to give our clients the seamless experiences they want, from simple terminology to rapid payments.

We believe that the industry can be simplified for the benefit of both our clients and their clients.