Installation Service

With Bigfix’s Installation Service Support, get the support of our extensively scouted gig worker network for the after-sale support of your consumer devices. Our services can be identified here as a 'tech-driven task fulfillment platform'​ that connects companies like yours with pre-screened deployable gig workers for installation support.

Our work-pool includes semi-skilled workers who can be deployed on an hourly, daily, or seasonal basis. They can complement your workforce strategy by being flexible, reliable, skilled, and professional, whether employed regularly or intermittently, for one-time use or weeks-long engagements.

Our user-friendly web application coordinates the delivery of task-specific training and automated task reporting, saving time, money, and effort while ensuring the elimination of unnecessary chores. Signup with us to avail our exciting features.


Our Offering

Highly Qualified Gig Workers

Our well scouted network of gig workers and handymen have been trained through various initiatives of Bigfix to be ready for any kind of installation and QC Audit support.

Device Assessment and QC report generation

Our trained and qualified technicians collect the device and provide an in depth report on the device condition to ensure the best quality support for our clients.

Instant Settlement

Enhance reserving, invoice or estimate validation against the approved amount, loss and expenditure booking, as well as payments and recovery.

Specialized Installation support

Quality assurance/best practices auditing, legal bill review, special investigation unit, complete loss title procurement, salvage and subrogation recovery, vendor management.

Additional Installation support

Installation support contact center: 24X7 call/chat/email, contract compliance, metrics and measurement, end customer portal, order management, loss run reporting, installation service assistant, document indexing, and mail processing.

API Support

If maintaining multiple reports on numerous applications is a hassle, our IT team can ensure your smooth sailing through our API solutions which allow applications to handshake and communicate for lead uploading, tracking lead statuses, generating necessary reports and payments.


Our Objective

We believe that our installation support services allow organizations to focus more on other aspects of their business that would nourish positive growth. We believe that we can simplify the industry for the benefit of both our clients and their clients.

With the growing gig economy knocking the doors of many organizations, our services ensure that organizations do not have to worry about staffing and maintaining a team for all of their installation services.



Requirement: To install large appliances like Smart TV, Washing Machine, Dishwasher and Air Conditioners across 18000 pincodes in India.

Bigfix was triumphantly able to support the business requirement of Amazon for its after sales support requirement. We devised a workflow to funnel the leads into our system and ensured completion of all installation requirements that were allocated to bigfix by assigning experienced and trained handymen and gig workers from the nearest pincode of the order requirement.

The Challenge: To establish a well trained network of gig workers across India and to train them with the required compliances.

The challenge of establishing a well drilled network of gig workers required massive human capital. The diverse cultural and linguistic background of each state meant our team had to familiarize with local events and terminologies to avoid any lapse in communication. Training all of these gig workers seemed impossible due to communication barriers.

The Solution: A mobile application to onboard, train and assign leads to partners.

Bigfix was successfully able to onboard over 500+ technicians through our mobile application and trained them successfully through engaging content all fed to the right technician through our mobile application from time to time. The automated process meant that partners ensured that they met the required compliances on time and made regular updates of their progress in our application to be suitably rewarded with more consignments.